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My Mini Mart: An Adorable and Addictive Game for Android Devices

Mod V5 features:MOD, Unlimited MoneyMy Mini Mart is a fun and addictive Android game that can be downloaded as a MOD version with unlimited money.In this game, you play the role of a mini-mart owner who needs to manage the store and make profits.You need to stock your shelves with the right products, manage your inventory, set prices, and attract customers with promotions, deals, and advertisements.As you progress, you can upgrade your store, hire staff, and expand your business to new locations.With the MOD version, you have unlimited money to buy whatever you need and grow your empire faster.Try My Mini Mart and experience the thrill of managing a successful business.

Piksel grafiklere sahip mobil cihazlarda birçok kariyer simülasyonu oyunu olmuştur. Ancak My Mini Mart, basit, minimalist piksel olmayan, 2D grafikleri ve hemen hemen blokların bir araya getirilmesiyle oluşan insan karakterleri ile etkileyicidir.

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Welcome to My Mini Mart, a fun and exciting business and management game that takes you into running a small store! This addictive game lets players enjoy the ups and downs of managing their mini-mart. You'll be responsible for filling shelves with interesting products, handling difficult customers, and keeping track of money. Are you ready to start your journey as a mini-mart boss and make your dreams come true? Let's start and discover the cool features and gameplay waiting for you!

The game starts with owning a tiny, empty mini-mart, and you're excited to grow it into a successful retail business. As you progress in the game, you'll have to make important choices to grow your store, handle your stock, and keep customers happy, ensuring your mini-mart succeeds.

Create the ideal layout for your mini-mart by carefully arranging shelves, fridges, and other display areas to boost sales and make customers happy. As you make more money, you can make your store bigger, with extra aisles, cash registers, and special areas like a bakery, deli, or pharmacy!

Talk with many different customers, all with their wants and likes. Give great customer service by helping them find items, handling complaints, and keeping your store neat. Satisfied customers will tell others about your mini-mart, bringing in more shoppers and improving your store's reputation!

Hire and teach workers to help run your store. Give them different jobs like filling shelves, working at cash registers, and helping customers. Watch their performance and how they feel, and give promotions and extra rewards to those who work hard. Pay close attention to your store's money by handling costs, making budgets, and checking sales. As your store grows, you can open more locations, sell different products, and even start a mini-mart franchise.

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My Mini Mart has bright, detailed images that make your store feel alive and real sounds that put you right in the busy shopping atmosphere. As you progress in the game, you'll get new visual improvements and ways to customize your mini-mart, making it one of a kind.

My Mini Mart size önemli zorlukların yanı sıra heyecan verici deneyimler de getiriyor. Oyuncuların büyük karlar elde etmek için makul iş stratejileri bulması gerekir. Daha spesifik olarak, sorunun tüm yönlerinde daha iddialı olmak için Mini Mart ve tüketiciler arasında tanıdık bir ilişki oluşturmanız da gerekiyor. Tüketiciler için taze, kaliteli yiyecekler elde etmek için geniş, modern bahçeler yaratın. Hadi ne düşünüyorsun? Sitemizden My Mini Mart Apk Para Hilesi indir ve bu oyun ile ilgili deneyiminizi yorumlar bölümünde paylaşın.

Playmod android oyun sitemizden indirdiğiniz My Mini Mart Apk 1.18.12 en son sürüm versiyonudur. Güncel ve son sürüm oyun ve uygulamalar için bizi twitter ve intagram hesaplarımızdan takip edebilirsiniz.


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